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Be the Church, everyday.

With daily Personalized Discipleship and Spiritual Habits, the Apollos Platform helps your church thrive.

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Digital Growth Platform

Shepherd your community all week long.

Disciple making is tough when people are isolated and not genuinely connecting. Online communities are disconnected, your followers lack clear steps, and you don’t have the data to make confident strategic decisions.

But when you partner with Apollos, everyone in your following will have clear next steps, they’ll experience easy ways to connect with others, and they’ll finally make it a habit to engage in scripture and prayer daily.


“Almost 10k people a month use the NewSpring App for their daily spiritual disciplines. The app would not be as successful as it is without the Apollos team. I'm always looking for new ways to take advantage of our partnership!”

Frank Grand
Frank Grand
Technology Product Owner

Growth Plan

Everything you need to grow your digital ministry.

Apollos focuses on the most important experiences to help you guide people through their discipleship journey.

Mobile, TV & Web

Connect on every device

Help your community grow and stay engaged with a cross-platform strategy and customized apps across devices.
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Host healthy groups

Focus on growing leaders and creating more connection in groups. We’ll help you create and host healthier community.
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Increase generosity

Apollos integrates with most major giving providers to allow for the best experience regardless of which giving provider your organization relies on.
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Digital Discipleship

Disciple personally

Offer the right next step, for the right person, at the right time with personalized digital discipleship. Act on the actions of your community regardless if they're taking steps in person or digitally.
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Spiritual Fitness

Build daily habits

Practice daily habits in a way that builds connections with others: Pray for others, journal with your small group, and read scripture with the community.
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All your content

Watch & grow

With over a dozen integrations to top video and content services, make it easy (even automatic!) to distribute your content to your community.

a Church-centric data pipeline

Syncs with your existing services and data.

Apollos syncs data with the other services you already depend on. With over a dozen integrations with the top technology providers for doing Church, your team won't need to learn new tools to launch Apollos experiences.

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Open source & open license

Apollos is commited to building open-source tools for the Kingdom. The original Apollos Mobile App is open source and free for any church to utilize, and we are commited to releasing more of our packages to the community.

Developer-supported community

Apollos is a community of developers who are passionate about building tools for the Kingdom. We are always looking for new contributors to our open-source projects, and we are happy to have you join us!

Lead with collaboration and strategy

Apollos started as a joint-effort between a few influential churches to further digital strategy for The Church. We continue to focus our efforts on understanding the best strategies to help churches grow.